Nottingham Creative Culture: 3

In our endless aim to seam together the finest creative fabrics in Nottingham we bring you the third installment of Nottingham Creative Culture. Housed in Nottingham’s Contemporary Gallery Mimm’s third curative effort will bring together music from Wigflex, Lost Boys Club, Dealmaker, Dsconctd and of course Mimm.

Our quarterly creative showcase also contains live art from the likes of Dilk, Shrunken Heads, Rikki Finn, Jimmy Summit, Mac, Simz, Pretty Crafty and FTS who will be littering the vicinity with their own pieces. 

If the plain white tee you bought from Primark isnt doing it for you anymore there’s also free tee shirt printing from Bantum Clothing and Dough.

Oh yeah, and it’s ALL FREE.

The last two creative Cultures would have been sell outs if we sold tickets; have a look at the two videos below to get the jist of just what’s going on in our fine city.

Sept 2011 Creative Culture.

Dec 2011 Creative Culture.

Pics: Ashes 57

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